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‘Bud & Breakfasts’ Newest Trend in Marijuana Retail Industries

Bud & Breakfasts are amongst the newest trends popping up in Washington and Colorado, as retail marijuana tourism continues to grow.

While cannabis tourism is a definite draw for vacationers heading to Washington or Colorado, current laws prohibit public consumption of cannabis products. This creates a dilemma for those visiting from out of state, making it legal to purchase marijuana but leaving customers without a place with which they can consume it.

With an obvious void to fill new Bud & Breakfasts started popping up, offering a place for out-of-towners to recreate.

Emma Geekie and Thomas Rissling of Vancouver Canada came to Seattle for a weekend of sightseeing which included a Willie Nelson concert, a visit to the Space Needle, and a half-day Kush Tour. “Cannabis tourism could be a part our culture,” said Kush Tour’s Mr. Gordon, “like the Red Hook brewery or the gum wall in Pikes Place Market.” Ms. Geekie and Mr. Rissling said they planned to recommend it to their friends.

Michael Gordon, co-founder of Seattle’s Kush Tours says almost all his guests come from out of state, half coming specifically for a marijuana experience and the other half adding it to an already-planned trip. His tours visit a glass pipe blower, Marijuana-growing nursery, testing facility, and cannabis retailer.

Article Link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/julieweed/2015/03/17/book-your-bud-and-breakfast-marijuana-tourism-is-growing-in-colorado-and-washington/