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Cannabis Growing Up as Suites & Ties Begin Replacing Tie-dye & Sandals

Many people envision the typified bohemian wearing Birkenstocks, a tie-dye shirt and long hair when discussing the canna-businessman. That stereotype is changing quickly however.

As the canna-business continues to shift into retail legitimacy in Washington and Colorado, with more states looking to follow, including big players like California, the rapidly growing industry is expected to exceed sales of $6 billion by 2018.

In a recent article, Harvard Business Revue stated “the reason for the mainstream interest is simple: This is a legitimate business with many attractive opportunities, and it’s now one of the fastest-growing industries in the country.”

The key here is to achieve that perfect balance of marijuana-savvyness and business professionalism. At Canna Consulting Group, we feel we are that perfect hybrid, and can help you to navigate these merging byways.

Article Link: http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/12/the-growing-business-of-marijuana/