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Cannabis is going Green and Greenhouses are the Future

Having attended a numerous cannabis conferences and severed on number of speaker panels throughout the United States over the last year, our cannabis consultant have been seeing a new movement in the industry. Cannabis is going green.

As many cannabis growers will tell you, cannabis is a resource intensive crop that needs lots of lighting and water. With an increasing number of states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, a surge in needed resources has many talking about how to make cannabis a more sustainable crop.

One way to significantly reduce a crops carbon footprint is to grow the plants using sun light, although this exposes the plants to potential pest problems. A greenhouse would seem to be a natural solution to challenge, but where do you start?

Greenhouse Grower produced a set of questions to ask yourself and help establish what your next step should be, before purchasing this long term investment.

1) What is my goal?

2) What is my budget?

3) Am I buying from a reputable company?

4) How do I ensure the company I am buying from will deliver on time?

5) Have I thoroughly checked out the warranty for this product?

6) What is the light transmission of this product?

7) Will this product save energy?

8) Is there USDA grant money or utility credits for this product that will help offset the cost?

9) Is this a durable, high-quality covering?

10) Can this product be recycled?

If you would like to know the answers to these questions and get some great advice on searching out a greenhouse for your grow, check out the Greenhouse Grower’s article.

Article Link: http://www.greenhousegrower.com/structures-equipment/10-questions-to-ask-before-purchasing-a-greenhouse-covering/

You’re ready for the next step and Canna Consulting Group is ready to help you take it. Let us know what you do and how we can help, and we will match you with one of our top consultants to take the lead on your project. We help our clients reach their objectives by offering direct services and insights that increase efficiencies and performances that boost returns on investments. We are prepared to help you reach your goals, now lets get started.

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