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Could a Republican President Kill the Blossoming Marijuana Industry?

The election of a conservative Republican as President could roll back the gains made in the legalization of marijuana. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took a bold stand recently and said if he were elected, he would work to reverse what has happened under President Obama. While its doubtful Christie would be elected President, it isn’t that improbable that a conservation republican could be elected over Hillary Clinton and get tough on pot. While most people in the cannabis industry dismiss such talk, it’s a very real possibility.

We do know that a new Attorney General under a conservative president with a policy to get tough again would hurt the blossoming cannabis industry. If Congress doesn’t reschedule the classification of marijuana, a new sheriff in town could reverse the Cole Memorandum. He or she could instruct agents to disregard the state’s laws and crack down. Congress could be pushed to roll back legislation that tells the Federal government to not spend money on cracking down on controlled substances. The war on drugs could return.

So where do the leading Republican candidates stand on this issue? Not all of them are as clear as Chris Christie or Rand Paul, but it’s worth looking at past quotes to get an idea.

Article Link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/debraborchardt/2015/04/22/a-republican-president-could-kill-the-cannabis-industry/

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