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Increase in Contaminates cause Marijuana Crop Quarantine

An increase in contaminates, such as molds, mildews, and pesticides, have caused a marijuana crop quarantine for several cultivators in the Denver area.

Six commercial operators were recently ordered to quarantine hundreds of cannabis plants due to a potential pesticide violation. The quarantine puts the cultivators’ businesses on hold indefinitely, as they can’t sell any of their crop until the quarantine is lifted.

Denver is also requiring all 371 licensed cultivators within its borders to report by April 1 which pesticides they use.

Additionally, the city is contemplating a shut down of up to 60 marijuana-growing collectives if the city council approves a measure to limit the number of plants allowed in a non-residential building to 36, if it’s not a licensed commercial operation.

Washington is facing similar challenges, as legislation has just been passed that will combine medical marijuana with Washington’s retail marijuana into the guides of I-502. As with Denver, a primary concern is testing for contaminates in medical and recreational marijuana. Testing will be mandated for all marijuana products in Washington.

Article Link: http://mjbizdaily.com/denver-area-marijuana-growers-face-regulatory-actions/

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