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Marijuana Business Conferences Receiving Increased Turnout

Interest in both retail and medical marijuana has increased ten-fold over the last two years. While this is not surprising with the recent shift in public opinion to pro-cannabis, mostly due to the anticipated tax revenue, it’s entrepreneurs who are spending the big bucks right now.

At the Cannabis Business Expo at the Times Square Marriott Marquis 900 people turned out to learn about the rapidly increasing marijuana industry developing here in the United States. Attendees paid $500 apiece to learn from experienced industry professionals.

The Marijuana Business Conference & Expo is in it’s third year and is the biggest cannabis industry show ever. This year the conference will be held in Las Vegas and the price of admission goes up $799 at the end of October. Other crash courses and breakfasts are also available, for additional fees.

While this national networking is valuable, always make sure to network locally. You’ll find valuable experience and personal dedication from our consultants at CCG, and while it may not be as fun as a conference in Las Vegas, we’ll make sure remains sustainable and continues to grow.

Article Link: http://rt.com/usa/196316-times-square-weed-expo/