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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are being Shut Down in Washington

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are being Shut Down in Washington, as the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board continues its campaign to purge Seattle of medical marijuana dispensaries this week, issuing notices to medical shop owners to either get licensed as recreational stores within 14 days or risk being shut down.

Originally, the LCB gave medical dispensaries a deadline of July 1st to convert over to the state’s new recreational cannabis system, but they now say that there are too many applicants for recreational licenses in Seattle. The letters issued by the LCB tell medical dispensary owners to find an address outside of Seattle within 14 days, or sign a form acknowledging the risk of staying in Seattle and being shut down.

The letters came as a shock to many medical shop owners who have already begun the arduous recreational application process—investing thousands of dollars in new security cameras and completely remodeling stores to meet new regulatory standards. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sent a letter to the LCB in response asking them to delay the cap on recreational applications, arguing that it “unfairly disadvantages long-time good actors.”

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