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Mexico to Issue Permits Allowing for Marijuana Use and Cultivation

Mexico issued the country’s first permits allowing for marijuana use and cultivation today.  The permits were issued as part of the Mexican Supreme Court’s ruling in November that the cultivation and consumption of cannabis is covered by the country’s right to free development of personality, but will only apply to the four plaintiffs in that case.

The permits will allow the four plaintiffs to grow, possess, and consume marijuana for personal use, but will not allow the sale or distribution of the plant.  The permits also do not allow marijuana to be smoked or consumed while children are present, or in the presence of anyone who has not given consent.

Surprisingly, none of the four plaintiffs plan to use the permits to smoke marijuana, instead saying that they filed the suit to make a statement that prohibitionist policies are wrong.  Since the court’s November ruling, 155 other individuals have applied for permits.  New applicants will need to go through the appeals process, though, which would likely take at least a year.

Article Link:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/mexico-issues-first-permits-for-marijuana-under-court-ruling/2015/12/11/3c309c50-a02e-11e5-9ad2-568d814bbf3b_story.html

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