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Rebranding Marijuana from Pot Culture to Cannabis Industry

With legalized retail marijuana expected to hit the market in Washington this coming summer and an already fruitful market in Colorado, marijuana’s image is changing.

Less than a decade ago, many people saw marijuana as pot culture and not much more. Now that legal businesses are beginning to establish themselves in the developing industry, more media outlets, and thus more people, are changing their perceptions of the cannabis market. A lot of this has to due with the thoughtful branding of these businesses.

Jan Cole, owner of Colorado recreational marijuana store The Farm, stated “we have a lot of people who come in think that we might be an organic food grocer or something.”

Our team at Canna Consulting Group has been striving for this image over the last year. We’ve been helping our clients create products without the stigma of the pot culture. We’re excited to see the rest of the industry trending in the same direction. Rebranding marijuana can only help the public better understand what cannabis is.

Article Link: http://www.npr.org/2014/04/21/305633547/to-keep-business-growing-vendors-rebrand-pots-stoner-image

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