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Seattle Church Sues to Close Neighboring Marijuana Shop

Mount Calvary Christian Center is suing Seattle’s second retail marijuana store Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop after being opened less than a month.

The Seattle church says they should be considered a recreation center or facility, and that Uncle Ike’s violates the 1000 foot rule that governs the zoning of retail marijuana shops.

Pastor Reggie Witherspoon, the head of the church, said he’s tried talking to the Liquor Control Board and city officials about their concerns, but he’s “getting the run around.” Witherspoon said that filing suit was the church’s last option.

Uncle Ike’s is expected to stand their ground after investing in a major remodel of their building. For new business owners, relocating could come at a higher cost than shutting down.

Such instances will continue to come up as more retail marijuana facilities start opening. While a business consultation by CCG could of helped Uncle Ike’s avoid some of these problems.

Many new business owners look at the immediate costs of the consultation rather than the future costs that could incur without proper planning.

Article Link: http://www.capitolhillseattle.com/2014/10/inside-the-uncle-ikes-lawsuit-the-case-the-secret-partners-and-the-parklet/

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