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Seattle Mayor Proposes Medical Marijuana Regulations

After Washington State Legislators had several failed attempts over the years trying to pass regulation legislation for medical marijuana, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has published a Proposed Marijuana Regulatory License for medical marijuana operations.

The Proposed Marijuana Regulatory License comes just days after Seattle held a medical marijuana symposium to address the needs of medical marijuana patients and businesses. Many of those involved in the medical marijuana community feel they will be lost in the fold due to retail marijuana, unable to get the marijuana derived medications they need at prices they can afford.

On the other hand, retail marijuana store owners feel that medical marijuana has an unfair advantage because of the lack of taxation, regulation, and licensing needed to operate. Medical marijuana owners counter though, saying they have spent years building businesses, laying the ground work for retail marijuana dispensaries.

The Proposed Marijuana Regulatory License would allow for a better monitored medical marijuana system in Seattle, which could lead to safer and more consistent products for medical marijuana patients.

While many believe that this is a positive first step in the right direction for medical marijuana, including those in the medical marijuana community, it will still take legislators as well as the city and state working together to come up with a long term solution.

Regardless, medical marijuana regulations are coming to Washington.

Article Link: http://murray.seattle.gov/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Marijuana-Regulatory-License.pdf