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What do you mean by Solution Guidance with Custom Software Reviews?

What's the big deal? Software is software, right?!?! Wrong. Cannabis software has become the lifeblood of success in this industry and can literally make or break a company. There is no one size fits all solution. In 2013 there were only a few cannabis software products out there, now there are hundreds and hundreds. There are a few factors you need to think about. What types of software will you need, and when? How is it on budtender operations vs managerial? How well does it integrate with other software I might need? What is an API and why do I care? What's a government CSTS Tracking system and why do I need to connect to it? Are cloud or local server solutions the right approach for my store? Issues in my inventory management software can lead to violations up to fines and even license revocation?!? How do I set up Leafly and Budwiz to best capture my local market? Is my system causing me to overpay or underpay on taxes? Do I really need my own website if I'm on social media? Online ordering is a thing now? You get our point. Slingin' weed isn't exactly "slingin' weed" anymore. You'll do a few demos or find out what a couple of other stores are using, and maybe just maybe you'll pick some that work for you. At the end of the day, you're dealing with salespeople and their entire job is to sell you on the fact that their system is the "best". Our job is to sell you on the slightly more harsh reality that NO SYSTEM IS THE BEST. However, finding what will actually be best for your store's operations and success is very doable. Now what makes our opinions more important than some other consultant or generic website with some reviews? We are actually coming from a place of experience. But what we offer that no one else is offering is not just coming from our successes (and failures) as store owners, cultivators and various experts at CCG. We've taken it not one, but two, steps further. We offer tiered service packages, where we can help you select these services directly. What we've recently done (with some pretty amazing results) is directly partnered with not only the government and compliance consulting powerhouse Errant Innovations, but also the gurus from Seed to Fail (canna business technology evaluations and consulting services by unique teams of former / current budtenders, managers as well as industry leaders), who are often referred to as the "Trust Pilot" of the canna-tech space.
Of course you're welcome to participate in a number of the evaluations and provide as much feedback as you'd like. You're also free to sit on your own demos without our teams and provide your choices with an ask for validation on points. Is this something you can do without us? Absolutely. That being said, when doing these evaluations, these can be of the most important decisions you as a cannabis business owner can make. PLEASE take it seriously and consider the following:
  • Transitioning between solutions is not as easy as a flip of a switch (if any software, POS especially, says it is please consider this a large red flag).
    • Data will not match up between systems entirely, so chances are you'll lose at least some valuable data in the process.
    • The cost of switching isn't just about the initial upfront costs of getting new software and often hardware. The retraining of employees on new systems, innocuous errors that occur due to something being "not what they're used to" can add up. The loss of potential sales due to slowdowns during transition is very real.
    • Timing of implementations. These are generally more complex configurations (hardware configurations often taking the least amount of time) and you're going to have to re-build and validate many of the products, categories, discounts, and more in your systems and tie them to line inventory. If you're up and running in full swing, this issue is obviously compounded.
    • Does it connect to your state's government system seamlessly. Just because it's working with BT-STEMS, EI, LDS or METRC in one state, DOES NOT mean it functions exactly the same in yours.
    • When folks talk about the APIs, it's important to listen. They are not all created equally and what integrations, levels of integrations, endpoints and parameters WILL have a direct impact on your business workflow.
    • You're getting sold by salespeople, so take in what you can but with a little salt.
Either way, we hope this information has been helpful and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  

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