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Are you ready for the next step? Let Canna Consulting Group help you take that next step. Our experienced consultants will make sure you get started off on the right foot.

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Starting a business is a challenging endeavor, especially in the newly developing cannabis market. State, county, and city regulations vary throughout the states of Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Maryland, Illinois, Nevada, and Arizona complicating compliancy for new business owners. Navigating the business licensing process is made increasingly elaborate by the WSLCB and CMED. Sourcing the proper equipment and products for your startup can prove to be complex.

Canna Consulting Group has the expertise and experience to help ensure your business launches with confidence, and can guide you back on course if you’ve found your business deviating from your goals. Some of our expert services include:

Cannabis Business Startup and Licensing

Starting a business is no easy feat, and working with the Washington State Liquor Control Board or the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division doesn’t make the process of opening a new business any easier. Let our consultants at CCG make it simple and help you:

Cannabis Business Location Selection

Securing the perfect spot for your new business will be a key component to your business model. Whether you are a farmer looking for a secured warehouse, a processor trying to setup a suitable lab, or a retailer trying to find the perfect storefront, CCG can help you:

Cannabis Farming and Processing Operations Design, Buildout and Maintenance

There is an endless array of farming and production equipment, techniques, and systems that are specialized for cannabis production. When you begin your facility buildout, you will need to consider your equipment needs, the opportunities and limitations of your facilities, as well as the regulations set by the state you’re doing business in. Making the wrong decisions at this stage can be devastatingly expensive. Make informed purchases and ensure a successful buildout by letting CCG help you:

Cannabis Retail Facility Design, Buildout and Maintenance

Operating a retail marijuana facility has its own unique challenges. Entrepreneurs are known for being visionaries, but finding the tools and pieces necessary to build and maintain this vision for the long term can be arduous and takes planning and understanding. Canna Consulting Group has the resources and experience necessary to help you get your start-up going and keep it going with services by helping you:

HR and Management Development

HR and management are key elements to starting and building your business for future success. Establishing these principle pieces as you develop your business plan will ensure your employees, customers, and business interests are thoughtfully tended to. Canna Consulting Group can help you:

Continuity HR Services

As a small or medium business owner, you may not need an on-staff human resource professional but when situations arise, you’ll need Continuity HR Services in your corner. Whether you need to bounce around ideas, need advice regarding an employee’s performance issues, or have an employee investigation that should be handled by an outside professional, we can tailor a relationship to suit your needs.

Let’s Face it. Dealing with HR issues and employee issues is one of the most difficult aspects of running a small business.

Our Team


Here at Canna Consulting Group, we want to offer our industry proven expertise to help you secure a successful start, and plan for a productive future in the cannabis industry.

As the founder of Seattle Medical Marijuana Association, I have formed relationships with the industry's top growers, processors, and producers, continuously striving to carry the highest quality medical marijuana for my customers. My work paid off, and due to my discerning eye for great product, I have established a reputation as one of the industry's ‘Top Shelf Dispensaries’ in the State of Washington according to reviews from customers on sites such as WeedMaps, Leafly, Google, and Yelp.

Myself, and the other cannabis consultants on our team, want to provide you with the industry insight that we have acquired through decades of personal experience.

We can help you build your garden, select in demand genetics and develop a cultivation schedule to yield the highest production.  For processors, we can help you find and distinguish the best cannabis strains with which to infuse your products, as well as product development such as determining appropriate product dosage and testing procedures for a consistent product. Retailers, we can help you with inventory and operations management, security and product selection.

I invite you to read through our website and contact us to discuss how we can help you secure the resources necessary to ensure a successful start in the cannabis business.

Karl, Executive Director, CCG.

You’re ready for the next step and Canna Consulting Group is ready to help you take it. Let us know what you do and how we can help, and we will match you with one of our top consultants to take the lead on your project. We help our clients reach their objectives by offering direct services and insights that increase efficiencies and performances that boost returns on investments. We are prepared to help you reach your goals, now lets get started.

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