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State to Further Limit Marijuana Production and Licenses

The Washington State Liquor Control Board announced yesterday that the State would limit qualified applicants to one growing license, a significant reduction from three licenses per cannabis business applicant originally designated.

With 2,858 applications for marijuana growing alone, 900 of which requested more than one license, the WSLCB decided to limit the number of facilities to better distribute the licenses. Applicants with multiple applications will be given the option to withdraw their duplicate licenses and be refunded their application fees.

Another modification further limits growers to a smaller growing space. Originally licenses would have be given for 2,000, 10,000, and 30,000 square foot grows. This has now been limited to 1,400, 7,000, and 21,000 square feet.

Some good news, the WSLCB does have a potential date set to open marijuana sales in Washington.

“We’re probably looking at first week in march before an actual license gets out of here,” says I-502 implementation chief Randy Simmons. “We have to do a final walkthrough, a final inspection. We’re scheduling those for next week.”


Article Link: http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2014/02/19/one-license-per-pot-grower-state-says


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