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Steel Warehouses could be the Key to Marijuana Shortages

Just after one of year being on line, Colorado’s retail marijuana industry has been thriving. With initial sales higher than many expected over the first year, a lingering problem has become more prevalent. The need for increased space to grow the raw product has come to the forefront, and the solution for growing marijuana safely seems to be secure steel warehouses.

Steel warehouses offer several major advantages:

– Steel greenhouses have an almost limitless interior span. This means that you can create a climate controlled year-round growing space with no set maximum width – accommodating large crops, water storage, processing facilities, pre-transport storage and offices.

– Pre-engineered steel buildings can be erected in days or weeks and don’t require the planning of an architect. Pre-engineered buildings come pre-cut and pre-drilled so field work in minimized. This speeds up the erection process exponentially.

– Cost is an amazing benefit. Steel buildings can be erected for about $30-40 per square foot, compared to the $125-250 per square foot price tag of traditional builds.

– Allocated growing space is a great investment. While industrial space in the City of Denver leases at an average rate of $4.74 per square foot, an increase of 21 percent over the past two years, according to Colliers International, examples are plentiful of marijuana businesses willingly agreeing to far higher rates — $17 per square foot or more — in order to secure space.

– Steel buildings lend themselves quite nicely to the specialized equipment necessary to cultivate a seasonal crop year-round. Without natural light, warehouse grow rooms depend on intelligent grow lights which need to replicate the parts of the sunlight spectrum that the marijuana plants need at each stage of growth. Steel buildings are easily detailed to accommodate the load requirements necessary to support this equipment.

– Unlike traditional buildings which need to be customized based on the foundation of the structure, steel buildings are easily replicated – which means that detailing and options can be mass produced with the only variable being the foundation.

– Marijuana cultivation requires a high degree of humidity. The ability of steel to withstand the corrosion of high humidity environments over wood construction has made steel buildings extremely attractive to new growers.

Article Link: http://armstrongsteel.com/network/contractors-central/legal-marijuana-steel-buildings/#.VSV7I0vi71p

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