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By | May 28, 2014

Nevada Group Petitioning for Retail Cannabis Bill

A Nevada cannabis advocate group has launched a petition that would put a vote for legalized cannabis on the Nevada State ballot in 2016. The move comes after the success of the Colorado model and is led by state...

By | May 13, 2014

Colorado Approves World’s First Marijuana Banking System

Colorado lawmakers approved the world’s first financial system for the marijuana industry, a network of uninsured cooperatives designed to give pot businesses a way to access basic banking services. The U.S. Treasury Department said in February that banks could serve...

By | April 22, 2014

Rebranding Marijuana from Pot Culture to Cannabis Industry

With legalized retail marijuana expected to hit the market in Washington this coming summer and an already fruitful market in Colorado, marijuana’s image is changing. Less than a decade ago, many people saw marijuana as pot culture and not...

By | April 16, 2014

United States Attorney General Eric Holder ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About CO, WA Cannabis Programs

The nation’s top law enforcement official, United States Attorney General Eric Holder, said that he is ‘cautiously optimistic’ about the retail cannabis roll-outs in Colorado and Washington in a recent interview with Huffington Post. Holder continued, “but as I...

By | March 9, 2014

Senate Bill 5887 Passes, Major Adjustments to Medical Marijuana coming to WA

The changes under the bill sponsored by Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, include reducing the amount of marijuana and the number of plants patients can possess, doing away with collective gardens and establishing a patient registry. Rivers called the...

By | February 26, 2014

What You Need to Know about Washington State House Bill 2149

Recreational cannabis is changing how Washington State intends to regulate medical marijuana. While many people currently being helped under the medical dispensary model are fighting the changes they see coming to the system currently in place, many believe the...

By | February 13, 2014

SMMA’s CannaBus™ Attends Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl Victory Parade

Seattle Medical Marijuana Association had the opportunity to support the Seahawks during their Super Bowl Victory Parade in Seattle last week. Lots of fans stopped by to take photos with SMMA’s Cannabus. Just another way Canna Consulting Group is...

By | January 24, 2014

NFL to Consider Allowing Medical Marijuana

The perceptions that have surrounded marijuana for the last few decades are starting to erode and even the NFL is looking into the medicinal properties of marijuana. Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday the NFL would consider allowing athletes to...

By | January 3, 2014

Demand for Cannabis is High as Retail Marijuana goes Online in Colorado

If three-hour lines and snow don’t discourage patrons from seeking this year’s most notable product, there isn’t much that will. And no, these lines aren’t for Black Friday sales, they are for the first legal sales of retail cannabis....

By | December 24, 2013

Banks Get “Yellow Light” to Start Accepting Cannabis Accounts

The cannabis industry has long been hindered by the inability to establish a legal bank account. This has driven the industry to be largely cash only, forcing medical dispensaries to figure out how to deal with large amounts of...