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An accomplished businesswoman and cannabis advocate, Alison D-Ray is known throughout the industry for her highly successful brand of cannabis infused baked goods, Ettalew’s Medibles. As a cannabis grower and extractor, Alison employs a variety of methods for infusing tasty, potent, medicated edibles.

Created to ease pain and make life more bearable for people who are suffering from illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, Lupus, Hepatitis, or chronic pain, Ettalew’s is a patient-centered company specializing in the highest quality edibles. The recipes come straight from Grandma Ethel’s recipe book, which was passed down after her death, at the age of 97, from cancer. Ettalew’s Medibles medaled in the edibles division at the 2012 and 2013 Seattle High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.

With an in-depth experience of multiple extractions processes and infusing techniques, Alison can help you through the development of your cannabis products. Alison has the expertise to support you through product development, packaging, branding, labeling, and procuring cannabis extracts for products. Additionally, Alison can guide you through the various permits necessary for cannabis processing, and aid in obtaining food production facilities. Alison can help see you through all stages of your products development.

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