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Washington Marijuana Farmer Auctions Off 300 Pounds of Dried Flower

For the next few years, we can expect a lot of firsts to pop up in the marijuana industry. A new addition to that lists of firsts, is the first ever legal marijuana auction.

Fireweed Farms in Prosser, WA auctioned off close to 300 pounds of dried flower. Owner Randy Williams estimated the marijuana sold averaged about $3 a gram, hoping to walk away with $1 million for his labors. Williams received closer to $600,000 though, still walking away from the auction happy.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board was also on site, monitoring the event to ensure everything was done legally. The auction was run in an orderly and professional manner, said Lt. Jeremy Wissing, an officer with the state Liquor Control Board who monitored a portion of Saturday’s auction.

“I’m seeing a well-organized event,” Wissing said outside the Fireweed Farms grow area. He added, “It isn’t a circus. I’m not seeing open consumption of marijuana.”

The auction went off without a hitch on all accounts, and will likely not be the last marijuana action held in Washington.

Article Link: http://www.tri-cityherald.com/2014/11/15/3262283/the-high-life-pot-auction-earns.html