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Washington Moves to Ban Online and Delivery Sales of Marijuana

Proposed rule changes presented to the board Wednesday that are likely to be approved at a future meeting say retailers can’t sell over the Internet and can’t deliver to customers. Buyers will have to come to the store in person, where the staff must make sure they are 21 or older and not buying more at one time than the law allows.

“Home delivery’s getting to be an established practice among medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle,” Liquor Board member Chris Marr said. The board has no control over medical marijuana but doesn’t want recreational marijuana to follow that trend.

Other big changes in the proposed rules would prohibit stores from taking back marijuana in packages that have been opened or another requiring processors to take back products and sample jars from retailers so they can be properly disposed of. Under these new rules, the processors won’t have to give a refund to retailers for returned products, making it even more necessary identify products that will move off the shelves. Otherwise, cannabis retailers will be the ones to take the financial hit.

Another proposed rule says stores can’t sell edible marijuana products that must be kept refrigerated or heated. This will further limit the types of infused products that would be made available to retail stores.

With so much financial pressure put on cannabis retailers, it has become imperative to select products that will meet the public’s needs. The consistency of a product will also play a tremendous role in the products viability in the public market.

Canna Consulting Group can help ensure your retail facility is stocked with products that wont just sit on your shelves and eventually become a lost cost. We can also help processors create a quality product that yields consistent THC levels. Saving you time and helping you to evade product lose.

Article Link: http://mmjbusinessdaily.com/wa-to-ban-marijuana-delivery-online-sales/

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