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Washington Retail Marijuana Stores go from Shortages to Surplus

It is no secret that the first few retail marijuana facilities to open in Washington opened with product shortages that left many folks paying upwards of $40 per gram. It appears that these month long shortages have turned into a recent surpluses.

The supply pipeline is so strong now that one store owner in Vancouver told a local newspaper that he will “never run out of product again.”

“We’re pretty much at capacity on what we can store here,” said Ramsey Hamide of Main Street Marijuana. “We’re full. I can’t take anything more until we sell this.”

As marijuana growers and processors received the green light to start production over the summer months, many of the first crops are starting to reach harvest. This coupled with only a few retail dispensaries currently opened has created a surplus and has growers trying to find an outlet to sell the fruits of their labor.

More retail marijuana facilities are expected to open their doors in the coming months, creating more outlets to sell retail marijuana. This will also add a degree of competition to the market place, hopefully driving down the prices of marijuana to a more reasonable price point.

Article Link: http://www.columbian.com/news/2014/oct/06/local-marijuana-stores-flush-with-supply/







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