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Alaska may become the First State to Legalize Cannabis Bars

Alaska may become the first state to legalize cannabis bars, making it the first state to legalize the consumption of marijuana outside of a private space such as a person’s home.  The state’s Marijuana Control Board voted 3-2 in favor of an amendment which would allow individuals to purchase marijuana at retail stores and then consume it in a designated area on the premises.

While the new amendment would allow for the consumption of cannabis in retail spaces, people would be required to purchase the products at the time of consumption—meaning bringing your own marijuana products to consume would still be illegal.  Local laws regarding public smoking would also still apply.

The amendment will now undergo a formal review by the state’s Department of Law before heading to Lt. Governor Byron Mallott for final approval.  The vote stands in contrast to other states which have legalized recreational marijuana, which have so far ruled that public consumption is illegal.

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