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Marijuana Could See Reclassification to Schedule Two Drug

A federal hearing in Sacramento this week could call into question whether or not current marijuana laws are unconstitutional. This could be cause for Marijuana to See Reclassification from a Schedule One Drug to a Schedule Two Drug.

The case involves four men who are being charged for illegally growing marijuana in California. The defendants’ attorneys are arguing that the federal government has improperly classified the drug as among the most dangerous, and should throw the charges out.

Judge Kimberly J. Mueller said she would rule within 30 days on the request, which comes amid looser enforcement of U.S. marijuana laws, including moves to legalize its recreational use in Washington state, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska.

Prosecutors argued that the drug’s classification was a matter for Congress, not the courts.

Article Link: http://time.com/3706996/marijuana-pot-schedule-one-drug/