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City of Seatte’s Letter to Major Marijuana Operations Getting National Attention

Last week, the city of Seattle wrote a letter to 330 major medical marijuana operations outlining the City’s compliancy expectations.

The letter drew concern from many Seattle medical marijuana businesses and patients. While Seattle Officials point to Washington and the need for state mandated regulations, this has not tempered many patients concerns.

Seattle dispensary owner and Canna Consulting Group Director Karl Keich was recently interviewed by USA Today and had this to say about the Seattle’s stance.

“Countless patients who rely on my services will have nowhere to go if my shop is shut down,” Karl Keich said in a statement. “I have paid more than $150,000 in taxes to the state of Washington and thousands more to the city of Seattle. Not only will this revenue stream be cut off if the city’s plan is implemented, it will also put nine employees out of work.”

Medical marijuana was extended until July of 2015 by Seattle Officials earlier this year, giving the state the 2015 legislative session to come up with a regulation policy. Work on this legislation is expected to start this coming January.

Article Link: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/10/23/seattle-medical-marijuana/17792007/